Borneo (Kalimantan) Pictures



An offspring orangutan at Tanjung Puting Nat'l Park Central Borneo, one of the highlights of Indonesia wildlife tour.






A villager poses in front of long house in one of the Dayak tribe village on Mahakam River, East Borneo.



The romantic Sekonyer river at Tanjung Puting Nat'l Park Central Borneo for those who want to have a river adventure in Indonesia.

A group of orangutans in the trees near the Camp Leakey at Tanjung Puting Park.

A group of Dayak Woman at a village on Mahakam River side perform a welcome dance.














Dining room on a house boat during the Mighty Mahakam River trip in East Borneo.

A house boat on Mahakam River takes you to have a river adventure to the hinterland of Borneo Island.

Travel to Indonesia is not complete if you didn't meet Kosasih, the king of orangutans in Tamjung Puting Park.

Floating houses, typical villages along the Mahakam River.





Having an adventure on boat during Orangutan Tour. An unforgettable experience during your travel to Indonesia.



Mikel Martin, the director of Planeta Azul, an Indonesia travel tour agent in Spain having a conversation with an orangutan.

A Dayak Bahau woman with long ear lobs at Tering, one of the major village on Mahakam River.


Say cheese....!





A Dayak girl performing a welcome dance in front of a long house on Mahakam river. Photo contributed by Mr. Edward McDowell, our American friend who has experienced in Indonesia travel tour for many years.













A foggy morning on a grassing lake on the side of Sekonyer river. A pefect place for overnight on boat.




















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